The Confraternity of Christian Doctrine is an Ecclesiastical Organisation of the Archdiocese of Sydney. It was established in 1958 on the authority of the Archbishop of Sydney as an autonomous, non-profit organisation for the primary and principal purpose of providing religious education and Christian formation for Catholic children in public schools.

Since 1958 CCD Sydney has taught over 1 million Catholic children in public schools. Currently 31,000 children are taught every week in some 400 schools across Sydney. This work is a direct result of the tireless efforts and selfless generosity of 1,800 dedicated people we call catechists. Catechists come from all walks of life. The work of being a catechist is not just for retirees, but rather our catechists come from a diversity of professions which include; teachers, nurses, mechanics, builders, secretaries, clerical staff, housewives and university students. What these catechists share in common is a love of their faith, and a deep desire to share it with others.

The Role of a Catechist

It is essential that all volunteer catechists carry out their tasks in accordance with the principles and values of the Catholic Church. Therefore a catechist is expected to:

  • exercise due care for the safety and good behaviour of students when you are teaching and supervising them;
  • exercise due care for the quality of the teaching given;
  • be aware of and accept guidelines of Child Protection legislation and any other relevant legislative provision;
  • cooperate willingly with the parish priest in fulfilling your duties for catechesis;
  • attend accreditation workshops and training opportunities;
  • use the authorised curriculum programs;
  • be available for 30 minutes each week during school terms for SRE lessons;
  • and bring vitality and zeal to our mission of evangelisation, knowing that evangelisation brings the Good News of Jesus Christ to other people.

Benefits of being a Catechist

Being a catechist involves devoting a significant amount of time to both preparation and teaching. The rewards of being a catechist are quite significant and include:

  • meeting new friends;
  • receiving quality training and professional development;
  • having the opportunity to deepen your own faith;
  • contributing to the development of your own parish;
  • and sharing the Catholic faith with others.


Become a catechist and change your life and the lives of the people around you.

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