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9 April, 2020

How To Order

Although ordering online may be easy for some, it might prove to be a difficult task for others. If you need help, read the following for explanations on how to complete your order in a few easy steps.

Use the buttons on the left hand side of the page to select the category you are interested in or alternatively, if you know the title you are seeking, use the “Search Item” button on the top right of the page.

When you have found an item to purchase, simply press the “add to cart” button. You will then be taken to a view of your electronic shopping cart, where your item will be displayed. Here you can change the quantity or remove an unwanted article. Press “keep shopping” if you want to purchase more and the process will be repeated for each item. Press “checkout” when you have completed your online shopping. Please note a minimum of A$10 applies to each order.

The next screen will show details of your purchase and allow you to make changes before you proceed with your delivery details. This screen also allows you to request special offers and updates by mail.

On the next screen will be a summary of your delivery details and a payment information form. Please note changes may still be made to your order by pressing the “make change” button. The next step is to fill out the Your Payment Details section then press the “submit” button.

The final screen will supply a reference number for your order and information for contact in the event of a discrepancy. You will also receive a confirmation email if you have supplied a correct email address.

About Credit Charge Transactions

Your credit card will be charged at time of order. If you reside in the ACT, New South Wales, Queensland or South Australia delivery charges will be included in the single transaction. If your delivery address is in Western Australia, Northern Territory or outside Australia your credit card will be charged separately for the delivery.


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