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Christ our Light and Life - Year 4

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The Year 4 Student Activity books contains all 32 lessons and the first eight home activities.

Home Activities 9 to 16 can be downloaded.

Year 4 Lessons
1 And it was Good
2 Stewards of God's Creation
3 We are God's Work of Art
4 Growing in Friendship with God
5 Mary and Martha
6 Lent: A Time for Change
7 Stations of the Cross
8 Holy Week
9 The First Easter Sunday
10 The Great Commissioning
11 Baptised and Confirmed
12 Jesus Promises the Holy Spirit
13 New Life in the Holy Spirit

Peter and John Act with Courage

15 Someone to Copy
16 Our Parish, Our Church
17 Gathered in His Name
18 Living out the Word of God
19 Do this in Memory of Me
20 Go in Peace
21 Who do You Say I am?
22 Mary our Guide to Jesus
23 The Wedding at Cana
24 Called to Follow Jesus
25 Living by God's Laws
26 Jesus Heals on the Sabbath
27 The Be-Attitudes
28 Living in Peace
29 Advent - A Journey to Christmas
30 Advent - A Journey in Faith
31 Mary and Joseph Journey to Bethlehem
32 The Journey of the Magi
Year Four Home Activities
1 Growing in Friendship with God
2 Lent and Holy Week
3 Easter to Pentecost
4 God's Spirit Alive in the Church
5 Gathered to Worship
6 Jesus Christ
7 Living by God's Laws
8 Advent and Christmas
Downloadable Home Activities  

We are God's Work of Art

God has made us different from one another.


Year 4 Home Activity 09

The Empty Tomb

Jesus is not among the dead. He is risen.


Year 4 Home Activity 10

The Great Commissioning

Like the Apostles, we are commissioned to spread the Good News.


Year 4 Home Activity 11

Saints Alive

The Church has many great saints.

Year 4 Home Activity 12

Living out the Word of God

At Mass we gather in the name of Jesus.


Year 4 Home Activity 13

Jesus of Nazareth

Jesus grew up in the town of Nazareth.

Year 4 Home Activity 14

The Commandments: A Guide to Life

The Ten Commandments guides us to lead a good life.


Year 4 Home Activity 15

The Christmas Story

Jesus is God's gift to us.

Year 4 Home Activity 16

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