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Christ our Light and Life - Year 5

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The Year 5 Student Activity books contains all 32 lessons and the first eight home activities.

Home Activities 9 to 16 can be downloaded.

Year 5 Lessons
1 A Good Life
2 Our Responsibility
3 Lent - A Time for Change
4 Lent - A Time to Reach Out to Others
5 We Can Make a Difference
6 Speaking Out for Justice
7 Living Like Jesus
8 Journey Through Holy Week
9 The Easter Vigil
10 The Upper Room
11 We Believe Jesus is With Us
12 Come Holy Spirit
13 Alive with the Spirit

The Fruits of the Spirit

15 The Holy Trinity: One God
16 Jesus Begins His Ministry
17 Feed My Lambs
18 The First Christians
19 Even to the Ends of the Earth
20 Celebrating Our Journey
21 Creation, a Gift of God's Love
22 Renewing the Earth
23 Sabbath Time
24 The Seven Sacraments
25 A Change of Heart
26 Anointing of the Sick
27 All are Invited
28 All Generations Shall Call You Blessed
29 Advent Begins the Liturgical Year
30 Prepre the Way for Jesus
31 Joy to the World a Saviour is Born
32 Jesus is the Son of God
Year Five Home Activities
1 A Good Life
2 Holy Week
3 Come Holy Spirit
4 Alive with the Spirit
5 Celebrating our Journey
6 God is ever Present
7 All are Invited
8 Advent and Christmas
Downloadable Home Activities  

Our Responsibility

God asks us to show respect for the life he has given us.


Year 5 Home Activity 09

Our Christian Mission

Our Christian Mission is to practice works of mercy.


Year 5 Home Activity 10

The Fruits of the Spirit

We can bear the Fruits of the Holy Spirit.

Year 5 Home Activity 11

Creator, Redeemer and Sanctifier

God is three and God is one.

Year 5 Home Activity 12

St Mary MacKillop

Never see a need without trying to do something about it.


Year 5 Home Activity 13

A Change of Heart

I can always return to God for mercy and forgiveness.

Year 5 Home Activity 14

All Generations Shall Call You Blessed

Mary has been greatly blessed by God and is honoured by all generations..


Year 5 Home Activity 15


At Christmas we rejoice that our Saviour has been born.

Year 5 Home Activity 16

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